We undertake work for a range of businesses in a range of sectors. Our main customers are Pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare companies and Healthcare providers. We also work with a small number of consultancies to allow them to provide expert services to their clients.

We offer highly strategic and commercially sensitive services, we respect our clients’ confidentiality and have not named them in our case studies.

Interim Consultancy

With a number of years in leadership positions the team at Octopus provide fully integrated interim management support. With minimal preparation we stepped in to fill a staffing gap to provide additional power to a market access team. Our core goal was to rapidly understand and positively affect the business.

A global pharmaceutical company found themselves needing medium term support to secure Pricing and Reimbursement and Market Access in a number of global markets for a major product launch.

Without the ongoing funding or need for a headcount employee the company turned to one of the directors at Octopus to provide this support. Our director stepped into the company’s global market access team as an interim manager.

With the emphasis being speed we have ensured that Health Technology Appraisal submissions have taken place with great outcomes for the client, enabling the best market situations for the Sales and Marketing teams to maximise results. A number of projects have delivered resources to affiliates countries for local adaptation, whilst maintaining a global launch and market access strategy.

Octopus have also worked with the corporate team to inform global strategies towards Market Access.


Payer Value Dossiers and Value Propositions

Octopus have embarked on a number of value dossier projects for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies. We follow an industry standard approach for dossier content, but that’s where our similarities end. We believe in ensuring that your data is represented in the best way possible, and a way that is congruent to your company standards which means working closely with you to ensure the best outcome.

Being close to a network of payers throughout Europe we can test your data and proposals to healthcare providers.

A top 5 Global Pharmaceutical company through its launch planning had identified a gap in its launch planning. The prepared core dossier was not focussed toward global payers and their requirements. They identified a need to create a Payer Value Dossier with a payer centric approach, identifying key messages and the forming of a Value Story for adaptation across their global business units. A key requirement was to define their Payer Value Proposition.

Octopus worked to recommend, define and agree the requirements, needs and purpose of the Value Dossier. When provided with the core dossier and clinical data, the Octopus team then set about producing a comprehensive Payer Value Dossier. Octopus worked closely to manage feedback from the client’s internal matrix and ensure that all stakeholders were in agreement with the document.

The Payer Value Dossier, payer value messages and payer value proposition that Octopus generated were utilised by all affiliates to provide localised payer messages, Pricing and Reimbursement submission, support HTA submissions and produce local communication tools. The product has outperformed all expectations of Market Access and Sales.


HTA Submissions, Pricing and Reimbursement

One of the most critical aspects of any Pharmaceutical product launch HTA submissions, Pricing and Reimbursement is a critical step for any Pharmaceutical company. Naturally companies often turn to experienced specialists to support their internal team. Octopus has managed submissions and pricing negotiations across a number of countries in Europe and beyond (Euro 5 and 20+ other countries).

We have had the honour of leading internal, external specialists (Medical, Health Economists and Marketing) to ensure submissions are made in the optimal sequence, at the optimal time and in-line with global strategies. In addition to this the team at Octopus have also been utilised to negotiate pricing with national payers.

For our clients this experience has proven invaluable to their launch success. Market Access and Reimbursement at an acceptable price have been achieved in tough market conditions. Our latest project demanded that we managed the global strategy, testing and advising on locally produced submissions to ensure maximised pricing and opportunity for prescribing. Octopus have managed submissions in a number of disease areas with a strong history of success.


Value Communications

Octopus are experienced in communicating Value. Value is a core concept that we believe critical to a products success. Our team are skilled at finding the ‘reason why’, the ‘which means that’ messages for products. We believe there is a real art to communicating with Payers. Amongst the services we provide are Archetype models, Value Messaging and testing.

Based upon a payer dossier project we have worked with a major global pharmaceutical client to devise, adapt and test their messages.

This project has been key to their pre-launch planning and a successful payer launch in a number of markets. Whilst the product would initially seem a major challenge to Payers due to the infrastructure challenges of the product, a high percentage of markets have granted reimbursement and access for the drug. The challenge then became one of regional access where a strong value story is essential. The company set indicative targets of 25% Regional Market Access within its launch year. Through strong Payer Value Communication the client has achieved in excess of 40% access (local formularies and guidelines).


Payer Organisation and Stakeholder Mapping – Market Scan

Knowing your customers is crucial to breaking successfully into a market or maximising your current position. We have successfully identified which payer organisations are receptive and ready to mobilise decision making. Additionally we have considered Influence referencing, similar to reference pricing models we can build a multi-layered picture of which Payer Organisations are likely to yield the best results and influence the most patients. We would always suggest scanning the markets to discover product related information (formularies, guidelines, priorities etc)

A UK based client company commissioned Octopus to carry out research, initially in the UK and then latterly in the decentralised markets in Europe. This work was carried out to help model their field based teams activities and targets in the UK following an NHS reorganisation. The client needed to be sure that their team could prioritise and deliver the right activities for their business.

The multi layered approach (organisations, willingness to engage, product positioning and influence over other organisations – to name a few measures) provided the client with a new model for their team and activities in the UK. This change in approach provided a positive change in market access (Formularies increased by 25% and sales grew by >16% for a market leading product).

The client also requested a similar piece of work for 7 European markets to assist their affiliate units to deliver similar success.


Pricing Research

At Octopus we are skilled in pricing research. Encompassing reference pricing, researching acceptable price points and recommendations of launch pricing, Octopus have worked with clients in the Pharmaceutical industry to develop launch sequencing that alleviates pricing pressures, delivering optimal pricing and revenues.

We undertook a pricing research project for a technology provider looking to enter the European market place. This was a highly complex project that encompassed researching the few competitors, testing pricing options with Payers and financial modelling at different price points. This project was conducted in combination with developing value messaging for the product to maximise commercial return.

Our client is moving toward a product launch with much interest amongst target customers with a fully tested pricing policy and confidence in their proposal.


Market Access and Product Launch Strategy

The team at Octopus have successfully developed pre-launch and launch strategies for large and small clients to maximise revenues from the first day of launch. We strongly believe you have one opportunity to enter the market, so the strategic plan needs to be right. We work with our clients to identify the value their product offers and translate that into a value story for the customer (or Payer).

A recent assignment saw Octopus tasked with developing the entire launch strategy for a new entrant to the UK Pharmaceutical market place. This strategic planning has enabled a clear path for the client company who are moving forward with confidence, knowing that their strategy has been founded upon strong research and experiential knowledge of the market place.

The strategic planning has also led to the development of a sales and marketing strategy being developed by the team at Octopus.


Project Management

The Octopus team are PRINCE2 trained project managers, our directors are also certified six sigma black belt masters.

We have a pragmatic view on the way we project manage and offer the best advice regarding which elements suit you and your business most.

We have managed short and long term projects managing multi million pound budgets to deliver system wide changes for our clients.

We have numerous examples of projects we have managed including product launch, training programmes and IT system implementation.