Octopus delivers expert, strategic and tactical support. Our core services help you understand your customer, your product and communicate the value you offer. We have built a pool of experience and expertise to support you.

Click on our services above for more detail, but please remember we tailor our services to fit your needs. The best way to learn more is to start the conversation with us hello@office-octopus.co.uk.

Strategic and Interim Management

At Octopus we offer highly focussed management services to either parachute into your organisation for short or medium term assignments or work closely with you to develop winning strategies.

  • Global Market Access Management
  • Product Management
  • Highly focussed and mobile Interim support
  • Launch Strategy Development
  • Growth Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

Customer Insights and Research

At Octopus we provide a range of services to aid and inform your decision making. This insight guides our clients to enable the best possible results. Through our team and their range of experience we provide research in a wide number of global markets.

  • Payer Organisation Mapping
  • Decision Making unit Identification
  • Stakeholder Influence Mapping
  • Market Scanning
  • Advisory Boards and Payer Interviews

HTA and Pricing & Reimbursement

Our team is successful in leading multi disciplinary efforts to drive positive endorsements from HTA bodies and achieve reimbursement at the right levels for our clients. We have amassed global experience of HTA and Pricing & Reimbursement requirements, which helps our clients to succeed.

  • Global Pricing Research
  • HTA and Pricing & Reimbursement submission management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Launch Sequencing
  • Negotiation Strategy

Project Management

As experienced project managers we have delivered projects in a number of industry sectors. We always deliver on time and on budget.

  • Product Launch
  • Market Entry
  • Change Management

Demonstrating Value

Defining, demonstrating and communicating the value your product offers is key to success. We take pride our abilities to collaborate with our clients to achieve realistic and relevant Value Messaging. We belive in simple straight forward communication of the effect your product has on the patient, payer and system.

  • Value Propositions
  • Payer Value Dossiers
  • Value Messaging